Hakata Port Logistic IT System (HiTS ver.2)

Terms of Service


We provide HiTS ver.2 service (thehServiceh) to you subject to the following Terms of Service (gTOSh). By using the Service, you agree to these TOS.


Fukuoka City and Hakata Port Terminal Co., Ltd developed the Service with the support and cooperation of terminal operators and users and Hakata Port Terminal Co., Ltd (the gmanagerh) runs the Service.



The service includes information supplement and exchange. Some functions are not available without user registration.



Users who only use the following functions donft need to register.

@    The information of containers to be exported or imported(except for company- code related system)

A    The information of departure and arrival time of vessels

B    The video of CY condition including gates

C    Inquiry and announcement functions (such as questioning by e-mails and viewing Q&A pages)

*To use other functions, you need to register. Registration can be done on our website providing the Service. For registration, please refer to Information of Company Code Registration on the website.

*After registration, a company code (ID) and a password are sent by e-mail to the registered address soon. The registration is completed by receiving them.



@    The ID shall be used only by registrants and shall not be given, lent, or passed to a third party.

A    The ID shall not be changed.

B    Registrants are responsible for keep the confidentiality of the ID and the password. Any damages caused by registrants intentionally or accidentally such as lost, theft, misuse, and other unintentional use of the ID and the password are not under our control.

C    Registrants shall make sure to register changes of contact info such as a name, a company name, a position, and contact address. Users may not be able to receive important notices from the manager unless they register changes. We shall not be responsible for any damage caused by not registering changes.

D    The manager wonft ask your ID or password.



You agree to NOT use the Service to:

@       edit, change, reprint, copy, distribute, and resell the contents provided by the Service without permission

A       send a harmful computer program to the Service

B       send a harmful computer program to the users

C       obstruct the operation of the Service

D       violate the TOS and other laws

Users who do any of the above or be regarded as inappropriate shall be limited their access to the Service forcibly. In case of any damage occurred to the manager side, we claim against the damage. 



@    The manager may stop and check the Service to keep the system work well without notifying the users. The manager shall not be responsible for any damage to the users.

A    The manager shall not be responsible for any delay or shutdown of the Service due to accidents.

B    The manager may take necessary step to provide the Service in good condition before notifying the users, when a port manager needs to solve emergency situation caused by unexpected matters.

C    The manager shall not undertake responsibility for any halt of the Service due to unexpected accidents including natural disasters.

D    Users can jump to the other websites operated by a third party through each banner or link of the website. The manager is not responsible for the contents provided by a third party. (Please make sure the terms of service of each website.)

E    In the case except for the above@toD, the manager shall not be responsible for any damage to users by using the Service, or not being able to access to the Service.


The above TOS has become effective on April 1, 2004.

Revision: April 1, 2007